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Academic & Emeritus Rank

(For Emeritus Process, please see below.)

When filling out the form, applicants should keep the following in mind:

A. Criterion One – Professional Achievement
Applicants should provide details to help the Academic Rank Committee (ARC) understand the significance of the Professional Achievement [e.g. copy of the cultural enrichment program; for a refereed text or research article, the full citation, including the name of the publisher, ISBN, and date of publication; description of any referenced program, presentation, organization, etc. to provide context and explanation].
B. Criterion Two – College Service
Applicants should demonstrate consistent and continuous college service that helps the college function within the past five years.


Currently Available:   Obtain an Academic Rank Petition form from Academic Senate website.

Friday, February 19:   Faculty submit the completed petition to the Academic Senate box in the Mail Room on or before 2/19. Appropriate Dean signature will be obtained to verify satisfactory or better scores on the two most recent evaluations AFTER you have submitted your materials.

Friday, February 26:   Deans' Assistants' deadline to put signed rank docs back in the Academic Senate mailbox for the Chair of the Academic Rank Committee.

Mar 1-18:   ARC members have access to the applications and meet during this period to select rank recipients.

Friday, March 18:   Deadline for ARC chair to send out letters to those receiving rank and to those who did not with the reasons for denial.  The College President Assistant and Senate President receives a copy of those approved for rank.  Senate President puts Rank on the Senate Agenda and sends an email to the faculty members receiving rank notifying them of the dates it will be approved at Senate, cc to their Dept Chairs and the President Assistant.

Mid-April:   College President assistant sends letter inviting rank recipients to the May College Recognition event to receive their certificates in the ceremony.

May 12:   College Recognition event where Rank recipients will be acknowledged.

Forms and Criteria

Application & Criteria for Academic Rank, Full-Time Faculty

Application & Criteria for for Academic Rank, Adjunct Faculty



Emeritus Applications are due to the Academic Senate mailbox by February 19, 2016.

Emeritus status may be sought on the honoree by

    1.   an academic department/program faculty,
    2.   the appropriate Dean/Vice President of the College, or
three or more tenured faculty colleagues.

The person nominating the honoree or retiree seeking emeritus rank shall be responsible for providing the President of the Academic Senate with the completed nomination for Emeritus Status form and supporting documentation including three letters recommending the honoree for Emeritus status.
Application and Criteria for Emeritus Status
Last Updated: 09/22/2015
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