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Senate Committees

Criteria for Committee Appointments

  1. Appointment will balance representation within instruction (librarians included) and students services when appropriate.

  2. Appointment will expand diversity, equity and inclusions on committee representation.

  3. Appointment will increase the total number of different faculty serving on committees.

  4. Appointment to a committee with a new faculty member will take precedence over reappointing the same faculty member for a second term.

  5. Appointment will take into consideration specific expertise needed for a committee appointment and whenever possible appoint a faculty member with that expertise.

  6. Committee needs continuity and "institutional memory" within membership.

  7. When recruitment is necessary, candidates will be sought after who fulfill criteria 1-6.

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ACADEMIC PROGRAM REVIEW COMMITTEE: The academic program review process is an effective vehicle that is utilized to provide program and department accountability and ongoing program improvement by colleagues cooperatively sharing ideas to strengthen the college's academic program. All academic departments/programs are reviewed once every six years as part of the program review cycle using a three step process.

ACADEMIC RANK COMMITTEE: This committee reviews applications for academic rank and emeritus status and forwards them as recommendations to the Senate.

PART-TIME FACULTY COMMITTEE: This committee ensures that academic and professional issues affecting part-time faculty and their contribution to Grossmont College are brought to the attentions of the Academic Senate and the administration of Grossmont College.

COLLEGIAL MEDIATION COMMITTEE: This committee mediates personal difficulties of a professional nature not covered by contract grievance procedures. it assists individuals and groups of Grossmont College employees improve mutual understanding, enhance communications, and achieve solutions to mutually agreed upon problems, thus serving the goal of improved worker relationships and, ultimately, the quality of the College's environment.

FACULTY PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE: This Academic Senate appointed committee addresses all issues concerning faculty professional development.

Faculty Professional Development Website
Faculty Professional Development Committee Membership

Technology for Teaching and Learning Committee: This committee makes recommendations to the Planning and Resources Council and the Academic Senate regarding: the use of appropriate educational technology for a more effective training and learning environment at GC; and the development and implementation of the college educational technology plan, including priorities for maintenance and purchase of instructional equipment and software.

CURRICULUM COMMITTEE: The Curriculum Committee ensures a curriculum that not only meets Title V Regulations, but also one that reflects the mission of Grossmont College and is academically sound, comprehensive, and responsive to the evolving needs of the community.
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